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My favorite movie theater

Before I get down to the nasty business of talking about movies, let’s go visit one of my all-time favorite theaters. Usually theaters aren’t very memorable unless the seats are nice and they serve alcohol.

I’m attracted to the strange and unusual, and the surreal element of this theater makes it the #1 place to go see a movie.

It is outside of Boston, MA perched on a hill, elevated from the rest of the town below. I went on a cool autumn night so there wasn’t much light around. It’s surrounded by a lot of tall and dark spruces. There aren’t nearby shops so it feels isolated and removed.

Something about the idea of incorporating furniture into an Imax theater (or vice versa) was exciting to me. I could not wait to go in.

Looks like we’re in Bourbon Street.

You can’t have a pastiche of New Orleans without creepy life size mannequins all over the place.

There was a coat of fog in the air from the hidden smoke machines. Some faint jazz music drifted in the background.

Out of Bourbon Street and into the furniture showroom. Make no mistake about it, it’s the furniture that takes precedence over the theater. Most people were there to shop for couches.

The classic movie posters adorning the walls were a nice touch.

Those escalators take you up to the theater.

As you go up, both walls have cardboard cut outs of paparazzi taking pictures of you.  You’re hit with flashing lights and the feeling that you are a movie star at your own premiere.

Is it a bit hokey? Sure. But it’s real fun.

After we sat down the owner of Jordan’s appeared on the Imax screen to welcome us. He explained the seats we were in were called kick buckets. They KICK! during action sequences. We wore 3d glasses, but only for the previews. Then we took them off for the real movie. That’s just how they do things at Jordan’s.

Oh and one more thing….the owner of the theater looked a lot like this guy:


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